Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More GOTHAM stuff:

I love this shot. Last week, Oswald Cobblepot learned from Timothy (mobster Fish Moooney's personal assistant) that Fish had a spy in the Falcone organization. It didn't take much for Oswald to deduce who it was, as there is only one new person in Carmine Falcone's life: Liza. Oswald broke into Liza's apartment and learned that her favored perfume was lilacs. As Oswald leaves, Liza comes home. Oswald struggles up the stairs to escape her, and pauses so she won't her his waddling. It's an awesome cinematic moment!

Oswald visits Fish: Another great moment. Oswald uses his assumed creepiness as a means of covering up why he really is visiting Fish Mooney. Oswald knows Fish is bisexual, and he suspects that Fish is sleeping with Liza. And sure enough, he smells lilacs on Fish...

The episode was titled "Harvey Dent". But it is going to be known as "The One Where Alfred Smiles".

I love Nicholas D'Agosto. He's best know for a recurring role on Heroes as that franchise died an ugly death, and was a shirtless, muscled fratboy in the B-movies Fired Up! (2009) and Dirty Girl (2010). He's been on Masters of Sex since 2013, where he plays Dr. Ethan Haas. Directors seem to love him, as he's been cast in six unsold pilots in the past decade.

Penguin makes his revelation. Now, I don't understand this. Oswald knows that Liza is a spy for Fish Mooney. Why reveal himself to her? Liza would have kept working for Fish no matter what. His revelation actually upsets her, and could cause her to blab to Fish. It could also cause her to up and disappear. Why risk whatever Oswald has in mind??? I don't understand this.

Is this Hugo Strange we see getting off the prison bus to enter Arkham Asylum??? That'd be cool.

Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit who Barbara Keane sleeps with? This character is a complete waste of my time.

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