Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's a tale of incredible selfishness by a town toward its savior:

It's the story of someone who saves a little boy's life... and then gets ignored for the rest of his life. A cripple, he's beaten by an old drunkard. His father dies, forcing him to take care of his mother and brother. One of the 1% tries to take over his business. His brother betrays him. The home he wants to live in is a decrept wreck, vandalized by the local people. His wife sinks their life savings into a dying business. An insane relatives loses $8,000 of his money.

And while this happens, he tries to save the town, attempts to build affordable housing, saves the reputation of the town whore, helps his best friend keep his marriage together, rescues a spinster from a life of bitterness, and more.

Yet, over these three decades, no one ever does a single thing for him. No one rewards him. No one thanks him. No one congratulates him. No one helps him with his own problems.

His only out is suicide.

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