Saturday, November 8, 2014

Cobblepot: Told you. Easy as pie. There must be a million dollars' worth here.
Carbone: Yeah, you told us all right. You're clever, you're very clever...
Cobblepot: I sense a sarcastic and hostile edge to your tone.
Carbone: Hostile? [Carbone savagely punches Cobblepot in the stomach.] Got that right. You ain't no golden goose. You're a yellow rat snitch, and you got Maroni all twisted.
Cobblepot [doubled over, groaning]: I'm so glad we're finally clearing the air at last.
Carbone: That's it. Act smart, okay? 'Cause all I gotta do right now is put a bullet in your brain right here. Bang. And then I go back and I tell the boss that one of Niko's men shot you. Gee, that's too bad. End of story.
[Cobblepot chuckles.]
Cobblepot: Yes, that's clever enough. I never doubted your intelligence. That's not your problem.
Carbone: Oh, I got a problem, huh? I got a problem. No, YOU got a problem. What's my problem, schmoe?
Cobblepot: What drives you? What's your passion? When you know what a man loves, you know what can kill him.
Carbone [to his two lackeys]: Do you believe this guy?
Cobblepot: For you, it's money. You love money. More than power and respect. You're a skinflint, Mr. Carbone. A cheapskate!
[The lackeys grab Carbone.]
Carbone: What are you guys playing at? Let me go!
Lackey: Sorry Frankie.
Carbone: Hey, come on!
Cobblepot: As I say, a cheapskate.
Carbone: Hey...
Cobblepot: Consequently, you don't pay your people enough.
Carbone [to his lackeys]: No, you know me! You don't want to do this!
Cobblepot: It is a sad fact...
Carbone: You don't want to do this!!!
Cobblepot: ...that there is no loyalty among thieves.
Carbone: No! No! No! No! No! No!
[Cobblepot stabs him.]
Cobblepot: The simple offer of a substantial pay raise is all it took to sway these fine men.
[Cobblepot stabs him again, and Carbone screams.]
Cobblepot: So, you see, THAT'S your problem! Your greatest passion becomes YOUR greatest weakness!
[Carbone dies.]
Cobblepot: Love, Mr. Carbone. Love conquers all.

- "Penguin's Umbrella", GOTHAM (season 1, episode 7)

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