Saturday, October 11, 2014

Oswald: Forgive me, I am somewhat disheveled... A temporary setback, I assure you.
[Fratboy #1 passes Oswald a beer]
Oswald: Thank you so much.
Fratboy #1: What the hell happened to you anyhow?
Oswald: It was my own fault. Foolish arrogance led me astray. But I learned my lessons. I'll be back, stronger and smarter than ever.
Fratboy #2: Good luck with that, bro...
Oswald: Here I am, riding around in a lovely truck, sharing an ice-cold beer with my new friends. My luck's already turned, right?
[Fratboy #1 clinks his beer against Oswald's]
Fratboy #1: Dude, anyone ever tell you, when you walk, you look just like a penguin.
[Fratboy #2 laughs. Oswald's face goes dark.]
Oswald: No. Nobody's ever told me that.
[Oswald smashes his beer bottle against the car door, and slits the throat of Fratboy #1 as Fratboy #2 screams]

- "Selina Kyle", episode 2, GOTHAM

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