Sunday, October 12, 2014

[Oswald answers fratboy's cell phone]
Oswald: Hello. ...Yes, this is he. Well, I'm looking at your son right now, and he doesn't look good.
[Badly injured, bound and gagged, half-naked fratboy cowers in the closet]
Oswald: Madam, I assure you, your son is not trying to trick you. Oh, he will die a horrible death unless you -- No, no, no, really truly: He isn't joking. I'M not joking. I will poke his eyeballs out, and -- How can you say that? You saw the video I sent. I'm not lying. ...Madam, madam, calm yourself. If $10,000 is too much, I'm sure we can -- Hello? Hello?
[Oswald puts down the phone. He smiles.]
Oswald: Well, that's disappointing. She didn't believe me.
[Fratboy whimpers.]
Oswald: You must be quite the scamp.
[Oswald's smile disappears.]

- "Selina Kyle", episode 2, GOTHAM

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