Thursday, October 9, 2014

Krypton -- really, it's quite the dystopia! Has anyone ever realized that?? For all its advanced science, it's Art Deco cities, and wonderful social acheivements....

This was a society which had mined its planet into extinction. No matter which version you look at -- comic books, 1978 movie, 2013 movie, TV shows, etc. -- Kryptonians are pretty rapacious when it comes to their environment. And it killed them.

Kryptonians are also revealed, in various comics, to be highly xenophobic. This is picked up on in the 2013 movie, where Krypton's colonies collapse due to both internecine war and Kryptonian society's psychotic insularity.

The 2013 movie depicts Kryptonians as engaging in the worst form of eugenics as well. It's a plot device lifted right out of "Brave New World", of course, but it helps push Krypton into extinction. With people unable to see beyond their own genetic biases, Kryptonians could not see the doom that they had brought upon themselves.

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