Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I went to Hank's Oyster Bar on the Hill yesterday.

I hate that they don't serve food all the time. They actually shut down about 2:30 pm.... so all I could get was raw bar and not lunch. Damnit.

Clockwise, they were: Goose Point, Washington; Totten Inlet, Virginia; Stellar Bay, Vancouver, British Columbia; Hayden's Reef, Nomini Creek, Potomac River, Maryland; Chincoteague, Virginia; and Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

There are two of each, side by side.

The Goose Point (those two are empty in this photo) is a flattish Pacific oyster with an oceanic flavor. I wasn't sure I liked it. The Totten Inlet (one is empty, one is still there) is a medium-sized Atlantic oyster with good meatiness, a complex flavor, and good mouth texture.

The Stellar Bay was my favorite. It's an Atlantic oyster farmed on the Pacific, but it has excellent flavor. This is the first oyster where I didn't want to douse it with lemon juice or cocktail sauce or horseradish. Just eat it.

The Hayden's Reef are the flat-shell oysters, developed specifically for Hank's Oyster Bar by the folks at Dragon Pond. It was not a great oyster by any means. It tasted of marine algae.

The big, honking monster ones are the Chincoteagues. They're a somewhat soft oyster without much meatiness to them. They have a smooth, gentle flavor with a hint of brine. Good with lemon.

The Cape Cods are the last two, flat-shell oyster. They had a briny flavor I didn't like. I scooped horseradish into my mouth fast after tasting them.

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