Monday, August 18, 2014

This is Carlo Festa.

He went by Carlo Festa in nearly all his adult films, although twice he used the name "Kyle". In magazine layouts, he almost always used the name Carlo Kovarik, also sometimes he went by Antoine Vega, Samuel Herman, and once just by "Carlo". He was born in either 1982 or 1984 in the Czech Republic, and was getting into bodybuilding when he made his adult film debut. In the film Czech Up #1 and Boys of Prague: Wrestling Plus #1 (both directed by William Higgins), he was paired with his "brother" is Lukas Festa. Lukas' real name is Lukas Osladil, and Osladil used his real name at least once in adult pornography. Osladil was the guy who got Festa into bodybuilding, and Osladil continues to compete professionally in Europe and has won several minor titles. Carlo got Lukas into gay porn, however.

Carlo Festa began his adult film career in 2001. Higgins works only with straight men (that's his fetish), so one assumes that Carlo Festa is gay-for-pay. Nearly all his films, his live performances on the Higgins' Web sites ( as well as, and his photo shoots were done in 2001 and early 2002. One film, Boy Ride, was actually photographed in 2003 but not released until 2006. Festa returned to adult film in 2005, with some significant hair loss, and made a single film. Then he went back to his private life.

Festa was always described as a nice person, but a bit of a prima donna. He was also very interested in prostitution. He knew that was where the money lay, and if he could snag a rich American husband -- well, he could come to America, where there were even more fantastically wealthy men willing to pay top dollar to keep a very short, very cute, very muscular, nicely hung, bottoming, cumshot-like-a-firehose-on-full boytoy in the luxury to which he wanted to become accustomed.

Carlo Festa filmography
A Wank in the Woods (Paladin Video, 2001; masturbation only (as Carlo Festa)
Boys of Prague: Wrestling Plus #1 (William Higgins Productions, 2001) (as Carlo Festa)
Carlo and Friends (William Higgins/Paladin, 2001) (as Carlo Festa)
Meltdown (Studio 2000, 2001) (as Carlo Kovarik)
Wank Party #3: Merry Xmas (William Higgins Productions, 20010; masturbation only (as Carlo Festa)
Czech Up #1 (William Higgins Productions, 2002) (as Carlo Festa)
Helping Hands #1 (William Higgins/Paladin, 2002); masturbation only (as Carlo Festa)
Boy Struck (Channel 1 Releasing, 2005) (as "Kyle")
Boy Ride (Channel 1 Releasing, 2006) (as "Kyle")

Festa was an extremely photogenic young performer. The still camera loved him, and he knew exactly how to smile, turn his head, and pose to make things look superb. His penis was magnificently thick and had a heavy, long foreskin when flaccid which made him look very handsome between his legs. When fully erect, his knob was gigantic and turned a purplish blue with the sheer power of the erection. His penis was eye-poppingly thick, and rather long for his body. As a top in adult film, his penis was too short to allow him to be an effective top. But in still photography, he looked well-hung and magnificent. Like a thoroughbred horse.

Most of Festa's photography was done by the William Higgins house photographers.

Carlo Festa magazine layouts
Freshmen January 2002 (as Samuel Herman)
Playguy January 2002
Torso May 2002
Freshmen June 2002
Mandate February 2003
Freshmen Annaul Calendar 2004 (as Samuel Herman)

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