Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Soviet Union's Venus Probe, from the episdoe "The Death Probe, Part 1" and "The Death Probe, Part 2" -- episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man that aired in January 1977.

The Soviets launch a probe at Venus but the rocket malfunctions and the probe lands near a small California town. When a farmer shoots at it, the probe belives it is undergoing a meteor shower and its defense go up. The probe will "collect life" (e.g., kill everyone) in the nearby town unless Steve Austin can stop it first.

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The Death Probe should not be confused with the Venus Probe.

The episodes "The Return of the Death Probe, Part 1" and "The Return of the Death Probe, Part 2" aired in January 1978 due to the massive popularity of the Venus Probe.

A company in Wyoming finds its top-secret hyper-strong metal stolen. Steve Austin investigates and arrests the plant manager is a spy. He's traded for an American ambassador held by a foreign power -- only, the ambassador is a traitor who demands 10 nuclear warheads or else he'll unleash a new, deadly, military version of the Death Probe on a nearby town. Steve, who was pretty much useless against the Venus Probe, must now go up against the far stronger Death Probe.

If you liked The Six Million Dollar Man, you could buy a cool Venus Probe to play with.

If you liked The Bionic Woman, guess what you got? Yeah, something not quite as cool...

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