Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Sensorites are one of the oldest villains in Doctor Who, appearing in the 1964 First Doctor serial "The Sensorites".

The Sensorite are a telepathic race that lives on a planet known as the Sense-Sphere. During their first encounter with humanity, they contracted a horrible disease and the human beings mined vast quantities of rare minerals from their planet and stole off with it. (Their ship, with about half the crew aboard, blew up on take-off.) With another ship of human beings arriving, the Sensorites are determined to kill all humans before another rape of their world can occur.

It is their only appearance in Doctor Who.

Sensorites are immensely telepathic. They rely on a medallion, which they place against their foreheads, as a means of focusing their telepathic powers so they can freeze people, cause mental illness, and do other amazing things.

The Ood, an alien species which reappears numerous times in the rebooted Doctor Who bear a suspicious resemblance to the Sensorites. This was unintentional, but showrunner Russell T. Davies later decided to use it in the show.

In the Tenth Doctor episode "Planet of the Ood", the Doctor visits the Ood's homeworld, which is called the Ood-Sphere. The Doctor then mentions that the Sense-Sphere is in the same system.

Russell T. Davies intentionally made the Ood like the Sensorites, a sort of up-date if you will. When people noticed the similarity, he came clean about his inspiration. He then had the Doctor say that (in "Planet of the Ood") that the Sense-Sphere is in the same solar system as the Ood-Sphere, linking the two species.

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