Thursday, July 31, 2014

The General Services Administration has issued its short-list of places where it will locate the new FBI headquarters (getting the world's ugliest building off Pennsylvania Avenue):
  • The former Landover Mall
  • Greenbelt Metro station
  • The GSA warehouse complex in Springfield, Va.
The Greenbelt Metro site has 78 acres, is vacant, and is owned by WMATA. The developer would be Renard Development Co. Downside? It's right on top of the Metro station, which means a major security hassle and possibly shut-down of the northern Green Line during an emergency. It will also need all major utilities.

The former Landover Mall site has 88 acres, is vacant, and has all major utilities in place. Lerner Enterprises (the Lerners own the Washington Nationals) will be the developer. Downside? It is just barely within 2.5 miles of a Metro station, and would remove a major property from the Prince George's tax rolls.

The Springfield, Va., site has 70 acres, is owned by the federal government, it's close to but not on top of Metro, and has all major utilities in place. GSA itself will be the developer. Downside? It means relocating a CIA facility at the site, and it's not clear that GSA has the money to build the new HQ. Why would GSA want a site on Pennsylvania Avenue?

THANK GOD it won't be in the District!!! I, for one, would never want to lose 50 prime acres of real estate from the property tax rolls.

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