Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Stephen Dorff was born on July 29, 1973, in Georgia. A bad kid, he got kicked out of five different schools before he discovered acting. It changed his life.

Dorff had a boatload of miniature roles on various TV shows in the 1980s, but I first noticed him in the 1987 horror film The Gate. He plays a boy who discovers a hole in his back yard that's really a gateway to hell. It's a fun movie, with decent special effects and a lot of teen bonding moments. Dorff was just 14 years old in the film, but already hot.

I really started to pay attention to him after I saw him in the 1996 B-movie Space Truckers. I was on a work trip in Portland, Oregon, and had gotten back to my hotel room late. I needed some down-time, and flipped on the television to watch whatever inanity was on HBO on a Saturday night at 11:30 PM. It happened to be Space Truckers, a comedy-drama about -- well, space truckers who are duped into hauling killer robots to Earth. What caught my attention was the scene in which Dorff is stripped nearly naked and has his arms strung up over his head. Total masturbation scene.

Two years later, Dorff shot to fame as the vampire king Deacon Frost in the movie Blade. He plays the uber-sexy vampire leader who spends his days fucking men and women, and his nights sucking the town dry. Dorff's costume consisted primarily of tight leather pants and little else, showing off his hot, toned, furry twink's body to excellent effect. He often wears a leather jacket over his shirtless body, enhancing the effect.

Stephen Dorff's had a long, long career since Blade, but he hasn't really shot to fame the way you think he would. He's not a bad actor, although at times he seems to just phone it in. He's also done a far amount of experimental work, appearing in indie films and avant-garde films that try to push the boundary of filmmaking. And he's done a lot of B-movies.

I just find him impossibly sexy. He's short, he's cute, he's furry, he's twinky, and he has a nice package.

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