Tuesday, July 29, 2014


The trailer for Season 3 of Arrow debuted this week. Fans will get a look at the five years Oliver Queen was presumed dead (it turns out he didn't spend all five years on the island), and promosed that Oliver and Felicity will finally get together. We also learn that the tensions between Oliver and Diggle get worse, that a pre-Atom Ray Palmer is showing up, and that Colton Haynes finally debuts as Arsenal.

The trailer leaves unresolved whether Dinah Laurel Lance will finally suit up as Black Canary, although Sara Lance will return. So will Thea Queen and Malcolm Merlyn.

The big news is that Deathstroke is not likely to be the "big bad" during Season 3. Instead, the show is introducing Ras al-Ghul to Starling City, although Warner Bros. Television says that role has still not yet been cast!

* * * *

This is all good news for a fun, thrilling show. But I still wonder why Warner Bros.' TV division can get it so right with shows like Smallville and Arrow, and yet fuck up movies so badly...

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