Monday, July 28, 2014

Metro has released a first draft of its strategic capital plan, and it is a doozy. Metro envisions creating a parallel "Blue/Orange II" line from Pentagon to Rosslyn to Union Station and a new leg from from Union Station to Navy Yard.

This would essentially create an "inner leg" for the subway system. WMATA did a study that showed that most system users ride only in the core. By creating an "inner leg", these users can be shunted aside and ridership pressure on the rest of the system alleviated. The capital plan also builds on Metro's previously released capital "wish list" for a Farragut Tunnel (for pedestrians) and a new bridge paralleling the existing Yellow/Blue Line bridge. Pedestrian tunnels would also link the new line to the Union Station, Rosslyn, Navy Yard, Federal Center Southwest, and Capitol South stations. Metro says it would use the old B&O Railroad II line west into Virginia if need be.

It's an interesting proposal.

However... Republican Robert J. Smith served as one of Maryland's representatives on the Metro board of directors from 2003 to 2006, including a year as chairman in 2004. Smith, however, called the first draft of Metro's subway master plan idiotic pie-in-the-sky-dreaming that will never be enacted.

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