Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Just because I wanted to mention this before I forget: When I went to go see Godzilla in the theater, they showed a trailer for the Warner Bros. film Into the Storm, due for release on August 8, 2014.

The film is essentially a remake of Twister: A group of meteorologists converges on a small town in Oklahoma after learning that a perfect storm of multiple F5 tornadoes is going to strike the town. Key to the plot is one group of storm-chasers who are using a "tornado-proof armored vehicle" to get right into the heart of the storm. They're accompanied by a wacky documentary filmmaker intent on "getting the ultimate shot". Meanwhile, the local high school graduation ceremony (held outdoors, natch) is disrupted by the storm, and the school's principal tries to frantically find his son (who is lost during the first part of the film). The pinnacle special effect depicts a tornado picking up 747s at an airport. Not much ends well for Flight #228 to Omaha...

Audience reaction in my theater was very poor. The trailer depicted nothing of the plot, and just showed lots of tornadoes and bad weather. People were groaning in disbelief, and someone actually yelled out "Sharknado!" -- which made everyone laugh.

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