Friday, May 2, 2014

The Mechonoids (often misspelled "Mechanoid") vie for the dumbest Doctor Who villain ever. Intent on replicating the success of the Daleks, they were invented by writer Terry Nation (who also created the Daleks) and appeared in the second season First Doctor serial "The Chase" (which aired in 1965).

They were built by human beings to terraform planets, but appeared to have little in the way of terraforming capabilities. They were nothing but big geodesic spheres with pincers on either side. Sometimes panels opened up in their front, through which would jut guns, flame-throwers, and other weapons. In "The Chase", they were shown to be the equals of the Daleks.

They bombed with the public, and never appeared again.

Here, Mechonoids go toe-to-toe with the Daleks.

Big, fat, and clunky will go over real well with the public.

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