Saturday, May 10, 2014

Some families of 9/11 victims in NYC are upset because unclaimed remains are being permanently stored at the 9/11 memorial in a closed-to-the-public ossuary. They are upset that these remains will become a public attraction.

Say............ anyone visited Arlington National Cemetery lately? Or seen the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier there? Or perhaps visited the various memorials there beneath which are unclaimed or unknown remains -- like the Shuttle Columbia or Shuttle Challenger memorials, the USS Forrestal grave, the USS Monitor grave, the field of USS Maine dead, the vast graves of unknowns in Section 42 or 27??

I thought not.

Get over yourselves.

Flags folded - Columbarium 9 - Arlington National Cemetery - 2013-05-09

USS Monitor grave - Arlington National Cemetery - 2013-08-24

USS Forrestal group burial site - Arlington National Cemetery - 2013-03-15

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