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SHE is a 1935 RKO Pictures film directed by Merian C. Cooper and based on a series of novels by H. Rider Haggard. American Leo Vincey (Randolph Scott) goes to his family's estate in England where his dying uncle John (Samuel S. Hinds) and John's faithful friend Horace Holly (Nigel Bruce) convince him that their ancestor found the fountain of youth 500 years ago. Following instructions found in an old diary, Leo and Horace travel through Siberia with a guide named Tugmore and his daughter, Tanya (Helen Mack). They stumble on the ancient city of Kor, where they are attacked by cannibals. They are then saved by She Who Must Be Obeyed (Helen Gahagan) and her governmental minister, Billali (Gustav von Seyffertitz). SWMBO believes that Leo is the reincarnation of his ancestor, and vows to make him immortal. But Tanya warns Leo that immortality is a lie. SWMBO asks Leo to step into the Flame of Life with her so they can become immortal. When Leo hesitates, SWMBO steps in first. SWMBO ages hundreds of years, dies, and becomes a withered mummy. Leo, Holly, and Tanya make their escape.

Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger is a 1977 fantasy film by Sam Wanamaker, with special effects by Ray Harryhausen. It was their third and final Sinbad movie. Sinbad (Patrick Wayne) arrives in the Kingdom of Charak, seeking permission from Prince Kassim to marry Kassim's sister, Princess Farah (Jane Seymour). But Zenobia (Margarget Whiting), Kassim's stepmother and a vile sorceress, has received news that Sinbad will be her undoing. She sends three ghouls to attack him in his tent, but he defeats them. The next day, as Kassim is about to be crowned caliph, Zenobia turns him into a baboon. If Kassim cannot become human form within seven months, then Zenobia's son Rafi (Kurt Christian) will be caliph. Sinbad, Farah, and Kassim set off to find the Greek alchemist Melanthius (Patrick Troughton). Zenobia and Rafi follow in a boat propelled by a bronze statue Minaton. Sinbad and Farah find Melanthius and his daughter Dione (Taryn Power), and Melanthius says they must travel to the land of Hyperborea. Zenobia transforms herself into a seagull to spy on Sinbad. Once aboard his ship, she turns into a miniature human and listens in as Melanthius tells Sinbad how to cure Kassim. Melanthius captures Zenobia, but a wasp ingests some of the growth potion she has and grows to enormous size. In the ensuing chaos, Zenobia escapes. Sinbad and Co. reach the arctic and are attacked by a giant walrus. They defeat it and travel overland to the warm valley of the Arimaspi. Zenobia, however, uses an ice tunnel to reach the valley ahead of them. Sinbad and Co. encounter a troglodyte, which follows them. Zenobia uses the Minaton to break into the Arimapsi shrine. The Minaton is crushed, and the shrine is destabilized. Sinbad and Co. race to the shrine's inner chamber. Rafi attacks Kassim, but Rafi is killed. Zenobia transfers her spirit into a sabre-toothed cat in a block of ice. The sabre-toothed cat kills troglodyte, but Sinbad kills the cat. The adventurers put Kassim into the shrine's fountain, and he is transformed back into a human being. Sinbad, Kassim, Farah, Melanthius, and Dione flee just before the shrine explodes. A few weeks later, Kassim is crowned caliph.

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SHE has a sequence early in the picture in which the scientists -- traveling near the North Pole, encounter a sabre-toothed tiger in a block of ice.

In Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, the Arimaspi shrine is also located in the northern polar wastes. A sabre-toothed tiger in a block of ice also appears there, too!

The shot from SHE is in black-and-white; the shot from Sinbad is in color.

The Arimaspi shrine in Sinbad was also based on the temple in SHE. Both sets feature a pyramidal set of steps, large idols set in the walls, and a column of glowing light at the top. Once again, the images from SHE are in black-and-white, while those in color are from Sinbad.

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