Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gosh, I like Dark Shadows. The second biggest change on the show was the exit of star Alexandra Moltke. She'd appeared in the first episode in June 27, 1966, and left on July 31, 1968.

Governess Victoria Winters had been through a lot while at Collinwood. She'd wondered about her parentage (suspecting she might be a Collins), she'd helped Burke Devlin get revenge on the Collins family, she wondered about Roger Collins' mysterious car crash, she wondered who murdered Bill Malloy, she'd seen numerous Collins family members attacked by "the phoenix" Laura Collins, she'd seen Jason McGuire blackmail Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, she was there when Barnabas Collins kidnapped Maggie Evans, she'd witnessed Dr. Julia Hoffman's attempt to cure Barnabas, she'd seen Barnabas terrorize Dr. Hoffman, she'd learned about Angelique Bouchard's placement of the vampire curse on Barnabas, she'd traveled back in time to be accused of witchcraft, she'd seen Nathan Forbes manipulate Millicent Collins, she'd wondered who mysterious stranger Jeff Clark was, she'd seen the terror of Adam the Composite Man, and she'd been a victim of the "dream curse".

But she stayed back in time to marry colonist Peter Bradford, and their child was believed to have married into the Collins family. We also learned that she was the first victim of the Dream Curse, back in 1795 AD.

Moltke left Dark Shadows because she'd married Philip Isles in 1967 and was pregnant with her first child, Adam.

Amazingly Jaclyn Smith, who was married to Dark Shadows actor Roger Davis (aka "Peter Bradford"), was offered the role of Victoria Winters after Moltke left the show, but she turned it down. Coincidentally, her future Charlie's Angels co-star Kate Jackson got her big break on Dark Shadows playing the doomed governness Daphne Harridge in Parallel Time.

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