Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Did anyone like this show? No.

This show died a hard, painful death -- like it should have. James Tucker, who did character design for Batman Beyond and Justice League, and Derrick Wyatt, who did the character design for Teen Titans, created the character design for this series.

You can clearly see the influence of Wyatt's neo-anime artwork here. Typical of Wyatt's work, the "funny guy" doesn't look human, while the men all look the same.

I read somewhere about 2006 (when this show debuted) that Warner Animation wanted to move away from the "Batman Retro" look that had proven so influential for two decades. Thus, you get a very chunky and angular character design. Because the first season was aimed at children 8-to-15, they used excessively bright colors. Although the show shifted its target demo to kids aged 11-to-18, none of the character design was altered.

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