Friday, April 4, 2014

WHAT'S THIS???????????????????

Yes, folks, it's the USS Enterprise, XCV-330. This ship design has never been used in a series or movie. However, in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, it appeared as a painting on the wall. It appeared a second time as a painting in the Star Trek: Enterprise series premiere episode, "First Flight".

Unlike the traditional "warp nacelle" design utilized later, this ship is allegedly a Vulcan design. Each of the two rings generates a subspace field, but they are slightly out of tune -- the first one generating first. This moves the ship foward. it would be, arguably, quite difficult to steer other than in a straight line.

Projecting out front is the small three-story main hull (with forward glass bubble windows). Below that is the impulse drive, with the main antenna recessed into its front.

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