Friday, April 11, 2014

The MPAA has given [Eyes Wide Shut] an R rating. Were cuts made to qualify for the rating? We'll hear if they were -- but I doubt it. Tom Cruise said they'd have to do so "over my dead body." What's amazing is that the R rating is so commodious that it can contain both Eyes Wide Shut, described as the most erotic mainstream film in years, and Get Real, which contains no sex at all apart from a few kisses. Why didn't Get Real qualify for a PG-13? Because the film, a statement against cruelty and prejudice among teenagers, is about gay adolescents. Does the MPAA have a double standard involving sexual orientation?

- Roger Ebert, "Movie Answer Man" column, Chicago Sun-Times, May 9, 1999

Get Real is a 1998 British film by director Simon Shore. Ben Silverstone plays a sensitive, straight-As, closeted gay student who can only confide in his obese female best friend, played by Charlotte Brittain. He seeks out sex in public restrooms -- but his quest to end his loneliness ends when he discovers his school's star athlete (played by Brad Gorton) is also gay. Nerd finds the courage to ask Jock out on a date, but each boy's despair about coming out has dire consequences.

This is Brad Gorton, the lovely athlete.

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