Friday, April 4, 2014

The Enterprise underwent ch-ch-ch-changes!!

In 2151 AD, the USS Enterprise NX-01 is launched. It not only features the first Earth-designed warp drive, but it also features a faster warp drive than that previously used by Earth (now warp 4). It's basically a flat disk. Two flat stanchions project out the rear. Rising up from them are the warp nacelles. Between the two stancions, the impulse drive is housed back and away from the main ship. That glowing section in front is the deflector.

The ship is in service for 10 years, at least four of those years under Captain Jonathan Archer -- according to the series Star Trek: Enterprise. Several times in Star Trek: The Next Generation and the Star Trek movies, it is mentioned to be in a museum orbiting Pluto.

The design of the Enterprise drew harsh criticism from most fans. The art direction team had a very different idea in mind, but executive producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga had their own idea -- and refused to allow the art direction team's concept to be used.

Had Star Trek: Enterprise been approved for a fifth season, the producers agreed that the Enterprise should be "retrofitted" to go to warp 5 or 6. This would require the addition of a lower "pod" for a massively expanded engineering section. Thus, the show would have moved to a design more like that of Star Trek: The Original Series. There's a large amount of fan art on the Web which shows this design, as paintings of it were released in a Star Trek calendar just before the series' demise.

Below is a side view.

NX-01 is launched in 2151, and The Original Series takes place in 2245. So roughly 100 years pass between the two series. Not that it looks it.

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