Sunday, April 27, 2014

Speaking of Peter Hyams, Outland is a pretty much now-forgotten 1981 sci fi conspiracy/adventure flick starring Sean Connery.

Out on the Jovian moon Io, workers are engaged in mining precious gases and minerals for use back on Earth. Some of the workers begin attacking their buddies, committing suicide, causing accidents, and generally exhibiting mental instability. Connery plays a Space Marshal sent to investigate, and quickly discovers that the mining company has been using drugs to control the workers and boost productivity. The drugs are causing the workers to freak out.

The company knows full well that their drug operation can't be covered up, so they decide to hire five guys to kill the marshal while he's investigating (as if, somehow, the death of a law enforcement officer will draw less attention). The last half of the film is basically the western High Noon, as the marshal seeks help from various workers and company officials and is turned down. He then steels himself to confront the killers on his own in a showdown...

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