Saturday, April 19, 2014

Scott Gurney in 2001's The Fluffer, a film by Wash West (a.k.a. Wash Westmoreland a.k.a. Washington Westmoreland). Gurney portrays a "straight trade" gay porn star -- a heterosexual man who has sex in gay adult films "just for the money".

The film's really about Michael Cunio, who plays "Sean McGinnis", a closeted gay man who unintentionally rents a gay porn film with "Johnny Rebel" in it. It releases his inner homosexual, and he becomes obsessed with "Johnny Rebel" -- to the point where he quits his job and gets work as a gofer for the company that makes Rebel's films. Rebel is physically attracted to the twinky, submissive, oddly straight-acting McGinnis. When Rebel has trouble getting it up for a scene one day, he asks McGinnis to "fluff" him, to give him oral sex so he can be sexually aroused for his on-camera performance.

With a plot stolen shamelessly from Marlene Dietrich's The Blue Angel, McGinnis finds his life dissolving into a morass of humiliation, sex, and crime. After committing a murder and fleeing to Mexico, Rebel bleaches his hair blond. Because that, and eyeglasses (as Clark Kent knows), are the surest way to hide from the cops. (Rebel's character is not very smart...) McGinnis, seeing Rebel's flight as his opportunity to convince him that they belong together, follows him to Mexico. But Rebel is increasingly disinteredted in McGinnis, and becomes abusive toward him.

After making The Fluffer, Scott Gurney became a some-time lover of the gay film and record producer David Geffen. He pocketed a lot of money along the way, and set up his own production company. Today, Scott Gurney is the producer of Duck Dynasty.

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