Sunday, April 13, 2014

One of the things that the rebooted Battlestar Galactica did was treat sex very naturally. Most science fiction shows are chock-a-block with prudery and heterosexuality. Take Star Trek: Male captains are lotharios seeking to seduce woman right and left, and sex is treated like a huge taboo. When Data has sex with Tasha Yar on The Next Generation, it's treated as embarrassing and private. Not a single person is show in bed next to a person of the opposite sex until the final episode of Deep Space Nine in 1999! When a woman becomes captain on ST: Voyager, she's neutered and has no love life. From Blade Runner and its obvious denunciation of prostitution and free love to Total Recall (1990) which does the same to Star Wars where kissing is about as far as they can get to Babylon 5 where marriage is revered above all: Science fiction is full of crap when it comes to sex.

One of the few films that wasn't was the rather awful Starship Troopers, and quite frankly I think Paul Veerhoeven only showed men and women showering together so he could get Caspar Van Dien naked on film.

But Battlestar Galactica was different. Men and women were shown being adults about sex. They slept in the same rooms, they showered together, they brushed their teeth together, they stood in front of the mirror and popped zits together. If you wanted to have sex, you pulled the curtain on your bunk bed and fucked. Social nudity was something completely normal, and it was rare (and usually imposed by Sci Fi Channel's censors) for a man or woman to have a towel around their privates.

Which is all the better, because star Jamie Bamber is one fucking hot sizzling piece of mega-hung man-meat. Here's a shot from the scene in which he's caught coming out of the shower aboard the Galactica in the reboot series.

Bodie Olmos was on Battlestar Galactica just like his dad, Edward James Olmos. And Bodie quite often misplaced his shirt. And then stood next to near-naked Jamie Bamber for effect...

Michael Trucco played Sam Anders on the BSG reboot. Much of the first season involves various people -- military and civilian -- left behind on Cylon-occupied Caprica, trying to eke out a living in the nuclear-winter planet. Sam Anders is one of these, an athlete who ends up leading a group that raids Cylon outposts over and over. When Kara "Starbuck" Thrace goes back to Caprica to retrieve an artifact that might help the rag-tag fleet find Earth, she meets and falls in love with Anders.

Which would explain his situation here...

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