Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Life on Ice (Ma vraie vie à Rouen) is a 2002 movie by Olivier Ducastel. It start Ariane Ascaride, Jimmy Tavares, Jonathan Zaccai, Lucas Bonnifait, and Helene Surgere.

Tavares (a French Juniors figure skating champion) is a budding 17-year-old figure skater with dreams of Olympic glory. He lives with his widowed mother, to whom he is deeply attached. She gives him a camcorder for Christmas, which leads to a nine-month period of self-discovery. Most things are a POV shot, taken by Tavares.

Notable among the discoveries Tavares makes during the year is his homosexual love for his best friend (Lucas Bonnifait), who happens to be straight. Tavares' roving eye, his immaturity (which he purposefully adopts, so he won't have to confront an adult life), his best friend's growing unease with Tavares' attentions, and Tavares' unwillingness to come out of the closet create a series of vignettes which lead to a horrific crime -- and then a sudden epiphany about himself.

Tavares is stunningly good in the film. He has a single nude scene, and he's remarkably endowed. He never acted again.

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