Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's nice that someone created a category on WikiCommons named "Tim Evanson Flickr stream". It collects, in one place, all the images uploaded to WikiCommons from my Flickr site. Wow, there are 2,125 so far! I'm sure the 'bot will find more.

In looking at the category, though, I realize that someone has decided to upload almost every single gay pride photo I've taken since 2009. Most of those photos are shots of faces -- not of the pride parade or street festival. I'd say 90 percent of them shouldn't be on WikiCommons, because they had little or no value to the site. Furthermore, the uploader kept my file titles -- most of which are wildly inappropriate for WikiCommons or use on other Wiki sites. And some images just aren't very good.

There are movements afoot on WikiCommons to rein in this sort of thing. I hope they get enacted...just because an image is CC-BY-SA 2.0 or higher, doesn't mean it should get uploaded. People should use some common sense and judgment!

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