Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I don't know why I think of these things. But here are some shots from Strange Days, the 1995 sci fi thriller starring Ralph Fiennes and the incomparably sexy Angela Bassett. MY GOD GIRL!

Fiennes plays a former cop who is an addict -- addicted to the computer-recorded memories of others, known as "squids". His supplier is Richard Edson (who I think is hot).

A young girl manages to record two LAPD cops brutally killing a popular rapper. She flees and dumps the "squid" into a random car (if happens to be Fiennes' car). She's then raped, tortured, and murdered by the cops -- who record the incident on a squid. Fiennes receives the snuff film from an anonymous source. Thinking it is really a robbery, he watches it and is horrified. He does not realize who the girl is.

Fiennes wants to get his girlfriend, Juliet Lewis, away from music producer Michael Wincott (looking particularly ripped and sexy). He's beaten up repeatedly for approaching her, alhough Fiennes' bodyguards (Angela Bassett and Tom Sizemore) try to protect him.

Fiennes tracks down Edson, only to discover that he's brain-dead -- forced to watch high-intensity squids for a long period of time. Slowly, through a series of murders, beatings, and more "squids", Fiennes comes to realize that he holds the "squid" of the rapper's death. If he can get it into the hands of the police commissioner, he can bring down the whole corrupt city government (although mass rioting will probably ensue).

Things come to a head during a massive 1999 New Year's Eve street party.

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