Sunday, April 27, 2014

[Gib's pick-up line] Consider outer space. You know, from the time of the first NASA mission, it was clear that outer space has a clear effect on the human psyche. Why, during the first Gemini mission, thought was actually given to sending up a man and a woman... together. A cosmic 'Adam and Eve,' if you will. Bound together by fate, situated on the most powerful rocket yet known to man. It's giant thrusters blasting them into the dark void, as they hurtle towards their final destination: the gushing wellspring of life itself. How would you like to have a sexual encounter so intense it could conceivably change your political views?
The Sure Thing is a 1985 Embassy Pictures film written by Steven L. Bloom and Jonathan Roberts, and directed by Rob Reiner. It starred John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga. The film follows a college kid named Gib (Cusack) who can't get laid. Gib tires his line on Alison (Zuniga), a smart, arrogant, up-tight college girl. She kicks him in the balls for it. Gib's best friend from high school is in college in California, where it's warm all the time and there are constant parties and constant sex. He induces Gib to leave snowy, cold New England and travel cross-country to California during spring break -- where he's lined up a very, very hot girl who is a "sure thing" (slut). Unfortunately, Gib hitches a ride with someone who is also giving Alison a ride to California. The two spit fire and nails at each other, and are eventually kicked out of the car somewhere in the Midwest. (This leads to one of the funniest lines in the film: "Driving without a load properly tied down?")

The film is pretty standard in many ways. It's a typical romantic comedy in which happy-go-lucky guy meets uptight girl, and both of them realize that the other is probably right. That they end up together by the end of the film is never in doubt. It's a typical road trip film in which a series of vignettes creates comedy and drama for the two principal cast members and a series of wacky, surreal guest-stars create memorable incidents.

Yet, the film is superbly well-written. It's not really the story that is important, it's how you get there. And the writing in The Sure Thing is excellent.

This film is one of three motion pictures Cusack made in the 1980s which are considered the "Cusack '80s Trilogy". The other two are Better Off Dead (Warner Bros., 1985) and One Crazy Summer (Warner Bros., 1986). All three are zany romantic comedies full of great lines of dialogue, toilet humor, and terrific, often surreal, characters.
What the hell's wrong with being stupid once in awhile? Does everything you do always have to be sensible? Haven't you ever thrown waterballoons off a roof? When you were a little kid didn't you ever sprinkle Ivory flakes on the living room floor 'cause you wanted to make it snow in July? Didn't you ever get really shitfaced and maybe make a complete fool of yourself and still have an excellent time?

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