Monday, April 21, 2014

Cute as a button, that Adric!

Adric was the Fourth Doctor's and Fifth Doctor's companion on Doctor Who.

A native of the planet Alzarius -- which exists in the parallel universe of E-Space -- he was a genius at mathematics and capable of rapid healing and regeneration. He was the youngest of the Doctor's companions, and remains so today. Immature and abrasive, he was also intensely loyal to his other traveling companions, Romana, K-9, Nyssa of Trakken, and Tegan Jovanka. Adric was the first of the Doctor's long-term companions to die. (Both Katarina and Sara Kingdom were companions, and both died before Adric, but they each lasted less then an epsiode whereas Adric was in 40 episodes.)

The name Adric is an anagram derived from the name of Nobel Prize-winning physicist Paul Dirac.

Adric was portrayed by Matthew Waterhouse, who was just 19 years old with a single acting credit to his name when he joined Doctor Who. He left the show at the age of 21. Waterhouse did a little television acting after leaving the show, and a number of theater productions. He currently lives in Connecticut with his male partner.

Big Finish Productions has been producing audio adventures of the Fifth Doctor since 1999. Initially these featured Peter Davison joined only by Sarah Sutton ("Nyssa of Trakken"). Two or three featured Nicola Bryant ("Peri Brown"). Later, Mark Strickson ("Vislor Turlough") also joined Davison for a handful of audio adventures.

In 2010, Janet Fielding ("Tegan Jovanka") joined Davison and Sutton for an adventure. She returns at least once a year for another episode.

WELL, HELL HAS FROZEN OVER! In 2013, Matthew Waterhouse agreed to join Davison, Fielding, and Sutton for several Big Finish audio adventures -- reuniting the original Fourth Doctor companions for the first time in 22 years!!!!

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