Saturday, April 26, 2014

Another big change on Dark Shadows (the soap opera): The collapse of Willie Loomis. Played by the handsome John Karlen, Willie was a menacing, nasty, cruel, rapist who was Collinsport's resident bad-boy. He fought, he stole, he assaulted, he drank too much, he raped.

He heard that, in the colonial era, the Collins family buried their dead with lots of jewels, rings, gold chains, and silver coins. Intent on grave-robbing, he opens the tomb of Barnbas Collins -- whom he assumes must have been buried with loads and loads of gems, because his coffin is bound with iron chains and is padlocked.

He gets the shock of his life... The emergence of the vampire, Barabas Collins, completely destroys Loomis. From then on, he's a sniveling, weak, cowardly, terrified little mouse of a man who is routinely beaten (and brutally so) by Barnabas.

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