Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tu Er Shen (兔兒神 or 兔神) is the Chinese deity of homosexuals and homosexual lust.

In the late 1800s, homosexual men in China were called "tuzi", which means "rabbit" (for the energetic way they had sex). Tu Er Shen literally means "rabbit deity", which is a pun on "tuzi".

The story of Tu Er Shen begins with Hu Tianbo, a man who lived about 1100 AD and who fell in love with an imperial inspector. Each day, as the imperial inspector had his bath, Hu would watch him through a peephole. When he was discovered, the inspector had him beheaded.

The officials of the underworld held that Hu's death was unjustified, because he loved the inspector. They elevated him to a god because of his sacrifice, and made him the protector and patron of homosexuals. Tu Er Shen then appeared to a local man, and told him what had happened. The man erected a shrine in Tu Er Shen's honor in Fujian province. To this day, there are temples to Tu Er Shen all over China.

Tu Er Shen's color is red, which means good luck in China.

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