Monday, March 17, 2014

Stephen Amell stars as Oliver Queen in the CW series Arrow -- based on the Green Arrow comic book published by DC Comics. The thing is, he can act. And the show is rather good!

Amell has quite the acting resume. He was the rival pretty-boy prostitute on HBO's Hung, bit plenty of boys on Vampire Diaries, and routinely appeared nearly naked on Dante's Cove. He's done a wide range of one-off guest shots on broadcast television as well, including a notable appearance on The Good Girl.

Amell says he likes getting hit on by gay men. He says it's flattering to have handsome guys find him attractive, and he says he's met lots of new friends that way.

Amell has also ferociously denounced Russia's war on LGBTQ people. He went out of his way to attack 'phobic Russian fascist leader Vladimir Putin at a major press conference during his show's second season premiere. He also says he likes being on Arrow because it's forced him to go to the gym more and cease being so lazy.

Amell wasn't nearly as bulked up and tight when he was on Hung, where he played a call-boy trying to take over Thomas Jane's escort business. Here he is in his Hung days. You can see the difference.

Amell also does selfies with his puppy a lot. D'awwwww!


  1. Thanks for your sharing for him, i just finished the Green Arrow 3, he was so attractive no only on his physics but also the spirits , i have followed him on Facebook, haha

  2. Amell knows that the body and face only last so long. He's got to have a acting resume that is top-notch if he's going to continue in showbiz. And he's working on that! He's getting very good reviews for his acting on Arrow.