Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hayden Christensen in 2013. He's trying the "beard thing" to get rid of his boyish looks, in the hopes he'll be cast in more adult roles. (He's now 31.)

Christensen's film career stalled after Star Wars. He appeared in a 2006 B-movie about a man who is awake during surgery, and then in a rom-com about a blue-collar girl who loves a rich boy. His biggest film was 2008's Jumper, a remake of a film in which a young man discovers he can teleport. His next film was a direct-to-DVD film about young people hiding out from a plague (it was no Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom).

He did a low-budget horror film in 2009, and appeared in Paul Walker's crime film Takers in 2010. (It bombed so badly, Walker went back to the Fast and the Furious franchise.)

He's currently suing USA Network for stealing his idea for a TV series. He's also gotten financing from a Russian company to make 11 "microbudget" films (less than $1.5 million each). First up, a remake of Steve McQueen's The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery.

Most directors find his acting to be fairly poor, which is why he's not geting work.

Christensen spends most of his time on his farm in Ontario, Canada.

Here he is in 2013, a bit more clean-shaven.

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