Saturday, March 29, 2014

A model trolley car from the National Christmas Tree in 2013.

It's nice to see that they named it "Navy Yard" in honor of those killed this year. Trivia: This is not like any trolley car which ever ran in D.C., historically.

Here's a model train station and passenger from the 2013 National Christmas Tree.

I'm not sure how to judge the quality of the train, buildings, people, and other things depicted at the National Christmas Tree each year. This is an outdoor train, so things have to hold up under the most extreme weather conditions. Not to mention the things people throw at the trains (like coins).

Every so often, however, if you look closely, you find a gem.

Here's another of the many, many model trains running at the National Christmas Tree in 2013.

I'm partial to this train, as BNSF runs in my home state of Montana. The color scheme on the locomotive is fairly accurate.

The model train celebrated transporation, EMS personnel, and the military in 2013. There was an intermodel train yard, and an empty intermodel train. There was a military base and fire station circled by a fake "U.S. Marine Corps" locomotive and overflown by two U.S. Air Force cargo planes

There was also a children's village featuring Thomas the Tank Engine and friend, and another small town featuring energy production, gas stations, oil wells, and power generation.

By my count, eight trains ran around the tree.

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