Monday, January 27, 2014

Why do I like writing?

With your voice, you can go fast or slow. You can be loud or soft. You can twist the tone of voice so that "Oh, I totally understand that" is either sarcastic or ironic or or assertive or admissory. Because with voice you still have facial expression, body language, gesture, eye contact.

But with writing you have none of that. The word on the page is all you have, and those words must convey all the meaning you intend, in all its depth and shapes and forms. That means crafting what you want to say. It means you have very limited tools at your disposal, and you have to use them very, very, very well or you won't be communicating meaning at all.

Writing is like having one color and one brush, and yet having to paint an entire canvas and depict the sea.

It can be done, you know... But you have to be good at it to do so.

You have to be creative.

You have to be inventive.

You have to know your medium.

Sometimes, it's enough to draw a line. Sometimes, you need to do more.

Writing is about using a tool that is sharply limited, and then exploding your boundaries all the same. And that's why I like writing more than speaking, or acting.

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