Sunday, January 26, 2014

USAF = Unsafe, Smug, Asshole Failures

The U.S. Air Force has suspended 34 nuclear missile launch control officers at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls, Montana, for cheating on the exams that guarantee the safety of U.S. nuclear missiles. Hundreds of other "missileers" are involved in the scandal, which goes back decades.

The cheating scandal involves colonels on down, and includes those administering the tests -- who often look at answers and correct them before scoring sheets are turned in. The scandal comes close on the heels of revelations in December 2013 that missileers were selling illegal drugs out of their missile silos.

The U.S. Air Force is infested with fundamentalist Christianity. Many of those at Malmstrom attend right-wing fundamentalist churches in Great Falls. They show their true colors now.

Malmstrom's commander, Colonel Robert Stanley, had this to say about about the drug sales and nuclear missile cheating scandal rocking his command: "We feel like we've let the American people down."

Who is this "we"? The drug trafficking wasn't widespread, but the missile safety cheating scandal included colonels just like Stanley as well as HUNDREDS of other missile launch control and missile operators. Fully one fifth of everyone in Stanely's command was caught cheating. And that's just the ones who got caught; all signs point to a cheating scandal that is FAR MORE PERVASIVE than the Air Force wants to admit. AND THE CHEATING SCANDAL GOES BACK DECADES.

One assumes Col. Stanley cannot apologize or speak for past commanders.

One must assume past commanders didn't give a shit about the faith of the American people.

Nor, quite frankly, do most of the men and women under Col. Stanley's command.

So who's this "we" stuff?

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