Thursday, January 23, 2014

There are 163 novelizations of Doctor Who adventures, which includes unproduced scripts.

There are 90 novels in the New Adventures series published by BBC Books, and another 21 audiobook-only novels.

There are another 61 New Adventure books published by Virgin Media.

There are two volumes of novellas, each containing seven stories.

There are 28 anthologies, containing a myriad of short stories.

There are three novels featuring companions Vislor Turlough, Harry Sullivan, and Sarah Jane Smith.

There are 194 Big Finish Audio short plays, 109 Big Finish Audio long plays, 80 Big Finish Audio companion-only long and short adventures, four Big Finish Audio Early Adventures long plays, 11 Big Finish Audio "Destiny of the Doctor" audio plays (featuring new series Doctors), four Big Finish Audio "Short Trips" anthologies of seven short audio plays each, 40 miscellaneous audio plays, and eight Big Finish Audio "Doctor Who Unbound" audio plays (which feature out-of-continuity stories, stories about different Doctors not yet seen on the show, etc.)

This is not counting the out-of-continuity novels about fictional companions like Bernice Summerfield, Jago & Lightfoot, Honoré Lechaussuer and Emily, etc.

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