Friday, January 24, 2014

The Master is the arch-nemesis of the Doctor in Doctor Who. Once the best friend of the Doctor, he was allegedly driven mad as a child by Rassilon, the founder of the Time Lords. (Rassilon sought to avoid the destruction of his home world, Gallifrey, by implanting in the Master an urge t... oh never mind, it was the stupidest episode.) The Master seeks to conquer all time and space, and in the process also seeks to destroy the Doctor. He has escaped sure death a number of times -- even disintegration by the Daleks. He also was apparently the first Time Lord to escape the "12 regeneration limit" (by nefarious means such as murder, of course).

The Master first appeared in the 1971 Third Doctor serial "Terror of the Autons". His name was chosen because the writers wanted someone who had an "academic-sounding title" much like the Doctor's, but whose name would clearly imply his sole purpose in life.

The Master was played by Roger Delgado. Delgado died in a tragic automobile accident in Turkey in June 1973 while on location for a motion picture. He was just 55 years old. His last appearance as the Master occurred in the 1973 Third Doctor serial "Frontier in Space". Another serial, "The Final Game", was to have concluded the story arc of The Master -- as well as shown the regeneration of the Third Doctor into the Fourth. But the story arc was scrapped in the wake of Delgado's death.

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