Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sniffles the Mouse tries to stay awake for Santa Claus... A great cartoon from 1940.

Sniffles the Mouse was the very first character created by legendary cartoon director Chuck Jones. Jones, who had left Disney for Warner Bros., was creating characters who who sweetly cute rather than laughably sadistic and violent, and Sniffles was the character he created first at Warners. Sniffles makes an appearance along with a horde of other mice in the 1938 film "The Night Watchman" (Jones' directorial debut), but would not gain a voice or a starring role until 1939's "Naughty But Mice." Sniffles was voiced at various times by Gay Seabrook, Bernice Hansen, and Sara Berner. Seabrook is the voice of Sniffles in this cartoon.

"Naughty But Mice" (1939)
"Little Brother Rat" (1939)
"Sniffles and the Bookworm" (1939)
"Sniffles Takes a Trip" (1940)
"The Egg Collector" (1940)
"Bedtime for Sniffles" (1940)
"Sniffles Bells the Cat" (1941)
"Toy Trouble" (1941)
"The Brave Little Bat" (1941)
"The Unbearable Bear" (1943)
"Lost and Foundling" (1944)
"Hush My Mouse" (1946)

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