Monday, December 2, 2013

I love you so much, Tom Daley!!!!

Tom has issued a YouTube video in which he tells the whole world that he's dating a man. YES!

It's hard to come out bisexual when you are 19 years old. It's hard to come out when you are an international celebrity. It's hard to come out as an elite athlete, where the slightest disturbance in your emotional life can affect your performance and cost you everything.

Tom Daley has been under the microscope since he burst onto the diving scene at the age of 12. That he's also very handsome, very short, very athletic, and nearly naked in his public performances has led to a lot of pressure on him. When he did not perform at peak levels during the London Olympics, fans accused him of betraying his father (who died of cancer a short time before). That's sick!

And yet, despite all that, Tom Daley has remained honest, courageous, cheerful, sweet, gentle, and compassionate. He is emotionally even-keeled and mentally healthy. When you've spent your entire teenage life having every single misstep publicly criticized and every single triumph undermined by people who treat you as a commodity and not a person, the simple fact that Tom Daley is not mentally ill is a huge achievement.

Coming out bisexual, and admitting he is in a relationship with another man, is a huge step.


(Tom's pretty much my ideal man: Short, cute, dark hair, dark eyes, lithe body, muscular and furry legs, nicely hung, erect and tiny nipples, cute as the day is long, sweet-natured, funny, and with a smile that could light up a million rooms.)

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