Wednesday, December 25, 2013

He was once Scut Farkus, the most horrible bully in Hohman, Indiana. "He had yellow eyes. So help me, he had yellow eyes!"

Ward was born in Toronto, Canada, to actress Pam Hyatt. Although he wanted to be an actor all his life, his mother refused for years because she knew what a hard life it was. He made his acting debut in A Christmas Story in 1983. He acted continuously in television and TV movies for the next 11 years, finally returning to film. His biggest roles have been as Christopher Titus' brother in the Fox comedy Titus (three seasons, 2000-2003), 2003's horror film Freddy vs. Jason and 2004's horror film Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Wanna see what he looks like today?

See what Zack Ward looks like behind this cut...

Yeah. HOT HOT HOT. Don't you wish now you'd spent more time getting fucked by him beaten up by him in school?

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