Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend engage in a little role-play during sex... but confuse Ivan Drago from Rocky IV with Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.

The Monarch: Where are you, blood of my blood? Come to King's Landing and take your rightful seat on my Iron Throne...
[Enter Dr. Girlfriend, dressed as Rocky Balboa]
Dr. Girlfriend: Go for it...
The Monarch: Wha - Why the [bleep] are you Rocky?
Dr. Girlfriend: You said you were gonna be Drago.
The Monarch: Drogo! Khal Drogo! You're supposed to be my khaleesi! Did you think I meant Ivan Drago?
Dr. Girlfriend: Well, obviously...
The Monarch: Why would I -- what the hell is sexy about that?
Dr. Girlfriend: What the heck is a Kahl Drogo?
The Monarch: Not a what, a who! From Game of Thrones!
Dr. Girlfriend: Well I have never seen that stupid show!
The Monarch: It is not stupid! It is spectacular! And yes you have! We used to watch it together every week!
Dr. Girlfriend: No. Honey, you used to watch that with 21.
[Enter Tim-Tom the Murderous Moppet dressed as Burgess Meredith]
Tim-Tom: You're a bum, Rock!
Dr. Girlfriend: Not now, Tim-Tom!!!

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