Monday, January 28, 2013

Aside from the fact that I think Dominic Monaghan is cute with that upturned nose and big ears and tight, rangy body...

He's also a rather engaging host of Wild Things, this new nature show on BBC America. You know he's not an expert in this stuff, but he's goddamn fearless. (Who else would pick up a cobra? or an eight-foot python? Or eat goat penis and balls?) He talks about things very conversationally, not like he's lecturing.

There's also a huge amount of cultural stuff in his show. He's in Vietnam in the first episode, so he has breakfast on the Mekong River, he eats in a Ho Chi Minh City restaurant, he haggles for a Manchester United t-shirt with a seller, and visits a Vietnam War surplus store. He avoids the "golly gee whiz" attitude of Jeff Corwin, and doesn't pretend to any advanced knowledge about bugs or reptiles or anything. He's a host, and he totally relies on the experts around him (who he brings on camera and talks to) as he finds these unique animals. There's nothing "extreeeeeeeeeeeeme!" about it. Just unique animals that help us understand our world better.

Lastly, for a guy who is only 36, he's showing a lot of gray in that beard. But it's endearing!

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