Saturday, December 29, 2012

Xmas in DC 2010 - 0015

The National Park Service unilaterally dumped the Yule Log in 2012. WHY????

The NPS is required to hold a public hearing about any changes to the National Christmas Tree, Pageant of Peace, and Pathway of Peace. This is usually held in September or October. I do not know that this happened in 2012, prior to the decision to get rid of the Yule log.

The NPS halved the size of the performance stage, and then moved it due south of the National Christmas Tree. This also meant reducing by half the amount of space in which crowds could watch the performances. Santa's Workshop and the creche were moved to the west, where the stage used to stand. The National Menorah stayed where it was.

The Yule log fire pit was not used in 2012, ostensibly because the pit "did not fit" into the scheme of displays and because the Park Service refused to alter or extend the temporary gravel road that would allow NPS forklifts to service the pit.

It had been part of the National Christmas Tree's Pageant of Peace for 50 years! If you want it back, sign this White House petition.

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The National Park Service says they will not survey the public about the missing Yule Log. Instead, they will act ONLY if they receive numerous "official" complaints.

To make your complaint official, you must send an email to the President's Park, National Capital Region, NPS. You can find the email form here.

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