Friday, December 28, 2012

My Top Ten "most important things to happen in D.C. in 2012" list. It kind of ignores the federal government, just because.
  1. Natitude - Unlike the Washington pro football team, this is a real team effort. Strasburg, Harper, Morse, Werth...
  2. Metro sucks - Metro's continuing maintenance problems, which WMATA did not want to fix for 10 years, are now making D.C. inaccessible on weekends.
  3. Redskins Revival - This is really an RGIII story, but I guess we can call them a team.
  4. June 29 derecho - If you didn't know what this word was on June 28, you did by June 30. This was easily more damaging to the D.C. region that Hurricane Sandy, and (to me) beat out the sizzling heat (11 days of 99.5-degree plus!) of summer for the top weather event of 2012.
  5. Vincent Gray's ethics - Just don't wanna talk about this one.
  6. DC employment rises - Although the workforce expanded by a very strong 17,210 people over the past year, the unemployment rate fell from 10.1 percent at the state of the year to just 8.4 percent at the end of it. That's a whopping 21,241 jobs created inside the city in 12 months. BAD NEWS: There are still 30,379 people out of work in the city. (Officially. As many as another 12,121 might have simply stopped looking for work or are only very marginally attached to the labor force.)
  7. DC Council ethics - Harry Thomas Jr., Kwame Brown, Jim Graham, Vincent Orange, Michael Brown, Marion Barry...
  8. Chuck Brown, RIP - Did he have much impact in the past 20 years? Maybe not, but this was the end of an era.
  9. CityCenterDC - Hardly talked about, this massive redevelopment of mid-town will change everything.
  10. National Museum for African American History and Culture - This brand new Smithsonian museum occupies the last open space on the National Mall, and broke ground on February 12, 2012.

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