Thursday, November 14, 2019

So young, and such a magnificent body. I bet he never gets laid.


The media overnight has been claiming that the impeachment hearings lack "pizzaz". Progressives have been all offended and outraged.

Well, they better get over it.

This is not a court of law. This is a purely political process. And without strong public backing, this process will fail.

Courts of law are required to weigh evidence, use logic, and judge fairly. They are bound by precedent. Review by higher authority (appellate and supreme courts) can overturn their decisions on grounds of procedure.

There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that requires the House to act the same way, or the Senate to convict. NOTHING requires the Senate to act in a logical or rational way during impeachement. NOT A SINGLE THING. The Senate can, if it so chooses, to completely ignore absolutely criminal conduct by the President of the United States.

The only -- I repeat, ONLY ONLY ONLY -- thing which holds the House and Senate accountable is political pressure.

If House can impeach. But ONLY if there is immense public pressure on the Senate to convict, will the Senate exercise its prerogative.

You might be outraged by the Senate's refusal to convict. You might point for weeks and months at incontrovertible evidence of felony crimes. Tough cookies: NOTHING requires Senators to act like judges. A Senator can say, "I just don't believe all this evidence", and vote against conviction.

So, yes: There better be pizzaz. There better be outrage. There better be a way of getting the public to demand conviction.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

My friends have been discussing doing a Secret Santa thing this year.

My roommate once held a regifting party. You had to bring something under $15 that you didn't want. You wrapped it nicely, and then people sat in a big circle passing them around until the host yelled "STOP!" Then you opened your gift.

Most people brought things like a flashlight, an oven mitt, or a CD of awful music. Someone brought a fuzzy toy flamingo with an an erection.

My roommate never held a regifting party ever again.

Even funnier, the guy who got it was this rich investment banker-type. He was pretty upset. My roommate asked "who brought that?"

As if anyone were going to answer given the look of outrage and embarassment on the face of the investment banker!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

César Vicente is full-blown nude and bathing out of a bowl in Pedro Almodovar's new film, Pain & Glory...


(lots of naughtiness behind the link)

Frat boy who found a home...