Monday, June 10, 2019

Ohio DOT traffic cameras caught today's earthquake.

Wholllllle lotta shakin' goin' on!

Today's torrential rain makes for no one at the grocery store, and thus a good day to go shopping!

Ohio is a seismically active area. The Northeast Ohio Seismic Zone extends from Cuyahoga County east to the Pennsylvania border, and from Cleveland south to Akron.

Fracking anywhere near the Northeast Ohio Seismic Zone is extremely dangerous. Fracking in 1986 caused the 5.0 Lake County earthquake, which was followed by a series of earthquakes around Ashtabula in 1987. Fracking also caused the 4.5-magnitude 2001 Ashtabula earthquake.
Earthquake in Northeast Ohio!!!!!

We're still waiting for official information on magnitude and location, but it seems about a 4.0 underneath Lake Erie about 10 miles north of Euclid.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Dr. Victoria October!!!

She is only the third transgender character in DC Comics history. Kate Godwin aka Coagula first appeared in Doom Patrol in September 1993, and Batgirl's roommate, Alysia Yeoh, appeared in Batgirl in November 2011. Dr. Victoria October made her first appearace in Detective Comics in March 2017.

The hero Masquerade made his appearance in April 1993, but the comic (Blood Syndicate) was published by Milestone Comics, an imprint of DC Comics and not in DC Comics themselves.

Because comic books are fantasy, a wide range of non-binary characters have appeared over the years but none can strictly be called transgender:

  • Danny the Street is a gender-queer living street who first appeared in "Doom Patrol" in August 1990. Danny is not a person, and not transgender. Danny has claimed to be non-binary, but most often describes himself as "gender-queer".
  • Shvaughn Erin is a Science Police officer in the 31st century, whose MTF transition is first revealed in "Legion of Super-Heroes" in July 1992. Initially male, a decade earlier Erin began taking a drug that changed her gender to female. (Erin never uses the term "transgender.") After an invasion cuts off her supply of the drug, she reverts to being male. When the supply is restored, Erin declines to take the drug -- making Erin's "transgender" designation suspect. It's far more likely Erin is non-binary. The Legion's history has been rewritten twice since then, and Erin has been depicted as female each time -- with no mention of being transgender or non-binary.
  • Andrea Martinez, aka Angel of Love aka Comet, appeared in "Supergirl" in June 1997. Her body is inhabited by a heterosexual male angel as well as her own heterosexual female soul.
  • Echo (no real name known) first appeared in the supernatural comic "Dreaming" in October 1997. Driven to transvestitism by his abusive father (yes, that's the appalling reason given), he later died and was resurrected as a woman. Echo has never described herself as transgender.
  • Aruna Shende is a shapeshifter who first appeared in "Batgirl Annual #1" in August 2000. She is female and describes herself as female.
  • Kani aka Porcelain is a villain who first appeared in "Secret Six" in February 2015. Kani is gender-fluid, not transgender.
  • Burke Day, a villain who first appeared in "The Hellblazer" in April 2018. Day, a gangster living in London in the 1980s, died in a shootout and was resurrected in a woman's body -- at which time he acknowledged that he was transgender in his former life. Now he is a female spirit inhabiting a woman's body along with the woman's (suppressed) soul.
  • Hermaphroditus aka Atlantiades is a half-male half-female (literally) god who first appeared in "Wonder Woman" in June 2019. Think "Half Woman-Half Man" in the 1932 film "Freaks".
"He has no idea how beautiful the ordinary becomes once it disappears."
- David Levithan, "A Word From the Nearly Distant Past" (2009)

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Given the size of his member, I'm not sure why I'm to stop screaming.